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At Canada Car Cash, our mission is to offer highly competitive services while treating each customer with a superior level of respect and understanding. Great customer service isn’t our goal, it’s our passion. We are passionate about creating a personal connection with each of our customers. We understand and take very seriously the fact that we represent the working families of Canada; families who periodically experience an unexpected need for short-term funds. Our Equity loans keep the electricity on, the rent paid and cars running with full tanks of gas.

Why Choose Canada Car Cash?

  • No “Hidden” Fees – At Canada Car Cash we believe in being upfront and honest about our fees. We do not promote pricing techniques like some other companies. We will never “hide” our rates through onerous fees. Our customers only pay for the time the Equity loan is out and not a penny more.
  • Honest Advertising – At Canada Car Cash we are honest in our advertising. You will never find us running deceptive Some firms may offer a special such as get one month free, but it’s the second month that is free. If we run a special, its real. We live up to our word. We don’t lure you in with a bait-and-switch.

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  • We Are Specialists – At Canada Car Cash, Equity loans are what we do. Because we specialize, we can loan more with requirements for our customers. We are car experts, and as such we loan more on any paid off car. You can get a loan with us based on the any year, kilometers or condition car.
  • No Pressure to Buy Extra Products – At Canada Car Cash we will never pressure you to buy “extra” products. Some pad their pockets by requiring that their customers purchase their road side assistance or insurance in order to get a Equity loan… we don’t! This is a deceptive practice that can dramatically increase the cost associated with a loan while providing very little benefit to the customer. Our goal is to get you the funds you need while keeping all costs clear and transparent.
  • Our goal is to help – At Canada Car Cash we are here to help our customers. We do not want our customers’ cars and will over backwards to work with our customers. Our goal is get you the funds you need, for as long as you need it and then get you your title back.