Can I Apply for a Fast Loan Moncton New Brunswick Using a Shared Title?

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August 12, 2020
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Sharing has become a key component in people’s lives. It’s not unusual for you to share living space with a friend or a car with your partner. For millions of people, it’s a great way to save money. But what if you’re struggling financially and want to take out a fast loan Moncton New Brunswick? Can you get a title loan if you share ownership with another?

How to Get a Title Loan Using a Shared Vehicle

Car collateral loans are short-term loans often used by people with poor credit scores. A crucial requirement of this loan is a clean title in the applicant’s name. As long as your name appears on the document, then you can use the car as collateral. The lender will hold on to the title while the loan is still active but will return it once you’ve repaid everything.

If there’s another name on the title, then you should inform them that the car is being used as collateral. After all, they might be held accountable for the loan and will shoulder the remaining payments if you default. They will also lose their car if it’s repossessed. You should also check with your lender if they allow a shared vehicle in title loans. Some are OK with it as long as the title shows the borrower’s name, and there’s an “and” between the names of the two owners. But some companies might insist on a joint loan.

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