How Installment Loans For Bad Credit Canada Helps Your Child Go School?

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August 25, 2022
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Are you struggling to send your child going to school due to the high costs? Why not take a look at installment loans for bad credit Canada? It is a loan that will give you the funds needed to get your child through school without worrying about repayment and interest rates. Because at Canada Car Cash, you get the lowest interest rate with affordable monthly payments.

These loans are very easy for every individual above 18 years old as long as you have a vehicle that is not older than 10 years. We can lend you the cash as fast as possible.

How Do I Get Installment Loans For Bad Credit in Canada?

It would be easier if you had a vehicle that is no older than 10 years(we consider vehicles even older than 10 years in some exceptional cases)  to be able to use as collateral. No matter your credit score, your vehicle can help you get some cash in need. Quickly and with less paperwork, you can apply for car title loans which will help you get money within 24 hours after the approval.

  1. The applicants must be 18 years or above to get these loans.
  2. Your vehicle must be registered under the name of the borrower.
  3. Car insurance must be up to date.
  4. The vehicle should be lien-free
  5. The vehicle must be used in Canada.

We offer the most extended bad credit installment loans term of up to seven years so that you can sit relaxed with the payback term.

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading lender for bad credit loans in Canada. We have a team that works round the clock to give you excellent service and customer support. Our customers are our top most priority. We care about them and their safety which we can provide only by offering them the lowest interest rates compared to other loan companies and in turn help you repay your loan quickly with affordable monthly payments.

If you wish to pay off early, we won’t charge any prepayment penalties or additional fees for an early payoff.

So what are you waiting for? The process of applying is simple and easy. You can even get the approval within 24 hours! To get the loan, you need to fill out the application form in which you will have to provide basic information about your vehicle like, make, model and kilometers, along with other details. After that, we will provide you with a decision within 24 hours. Upon approval, you can receive a same day cash loan.


Canada Car Cash is a reliable source that offers personal loans in Toronto. Our Loan specialists are available round the clock to guide you through the whole process. The sales representatives provide the best customer care. There is no need to worry about getting approved for these loans as there is no credit check involved which saves both time and your chance of getting approved. Please don’t waste your time worrying about the cash flow. Contact us today to receive funds over your car’s title at tel:1-844-598-7631.

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