What Do I Need to Qualify for a Special Financing Auto Loan Regina Saskatchewan?

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June 2, 2021
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June 2, 2021

An unexpected expense is no longer the life and death situation it used to be. You now have more avenues to seek help. Aside from borrowing money from family or friends, you can get a gig that pays daily or you can pawn a valuable. You can also apply for a special financing auto loan Regina Saskatchewan. Here’s what you need to qualify for one: 

Requirements for an Auto Title Loan

  • You should be an adult. You can only apply for a loan if you’re 18-years-old or older. You will need to present valid IDs in your application. 
  • Your collateral should have enough equity. Bad credit loans require that you put up your car as collateral. It should ideally be fully paid and with a title in your name. It should also be valuable enough to cover the loan. The lender will inspect your vehicle and ask for your car’s title. 
  • You can prove you are a resident of the state. Lenders will ask for proof of residency from you. Show them any utility bill that has your name and address. 
  • A steady source of income is a must. The lending company needs reassurance that you can repay the loan. It’s why payslips or an employment contract is required. But title loan specialists also accept pension slips or bank account statements for borrowers who are retired or freelancers. 

Borrow More Money Than Any Competitor has to Offer 

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