About Us

At Car Cash our mission is to offer competitive car title loan services while providing clients with superior customer service and loan experience. We are passionate about creating a personal connection with our customers and working with them to clear up any financial burdens using our car loan services. We take pride in representing the working families of Canada, families who periodically experience unexpected emergencies and the need for short-term funds. Our equity loans keep the electricity on, rent paid and cars running.

Why Choose Canada Car Cash?

  • No “Hidden” Fees – At Canada Car Cash we believe in being upfront and honest about our fees. Our clients pay principal and interest with every payment and can rest assured that their debt is being managed well and decreasing with every payment.
  • Honest Advertising – At Canada Car Cash we are honest with all of our services and business mission.
  • We Are Specialists – At Canada car title cash equity loans are what we do. We have trained representatives that have issued hundreds of car title loans across Canada. We loan a competitive percentage of the vehicle’s wholesale value and boast a rapid loan process that gets client’s cash in hand quicker than anyone else in the industry.
  • Our Goal is To Help – At Canada Car Cash we are here to assist our customers. We do not want the asset, we want a loan that is completed and a customer that is happy. We are extremely flexible with repayment and are willing to work alongside customers as long as you let us know your predicament!

The Best Car Title Loans Company In Canada

  • Get Same Day Cash
  • Easy Process & Quick Approvals
  • Up to 70% Lower Interest rates than our competitors
  • Get Instant Cash within 24 hours or less!
  • Keep you car, while you repay