Are Auto Finance Abbotsford Alberta Loan Companies Allowed to Track the Collateral?

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October 26, 2021
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We’ve all gone through emergencies or faced unexpected expenses. Auto title loans are a good solution for these types of situations. You can easily get fast cash when you apply for an auto finance Abbotsford Alberta loan. While the collateral you’ll use covers the loan, you still retain possession and use of your car. It’s why lending companies utilize different ways to protect their interest. One of them is through technology. 

Can Car Equity Lenders Track Your Collateral? 

Yes, they can, and almost all will. Bad credit loans might have gotten a lot of positive press for providing people in need with the means to secure cash, but it’s still a business. Lenders will take steps to ensure they get their investment back. They can install a Global  Positioning System (GPS) tracker on your car. They can also use an immobilizer. The former lets them know the vehicle’s location in the event the borrower defaults on their loan. Meanwhile, the immobilizer lets them shut off your car so you can’t use it. 

 The lending company can activate the GPS tracker and immobilizer when they need to repossess your car. However, there are regulations about their use. The applicant has to agree to it as part of the terms and conditions. There are also states that don’t allow their use.  

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