What Important Details Should Auto Finance Vernon British Columbia Borrowers Ask Their Lenders

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March 25, 2021
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There’s no telling when you’ll be faced with an emergency or an unexpected expense. You’ve probably heard that you can use auto finance Vernon British Columbia to secure the funds you need. While it’s true this secured loan has helped millions of people get fast cash, you shouldn’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon. Get these key details first: 

What Should You Ask the Lending Company

  • Interest Rate: This is one key detail you should know before taking out a car equity loan. Rates depend on your location and the lender. Some states have a cap on interest while others do not. Expect this to be 30% at most. 
  • Duration of the Contract: You also should ask how long the loan will run. These are short-term loans, and a typical contract is for 30 days. But some lenders offer terms of up to five years or more. A shorter-term is better than a long one when it comes to loans. The longer you pay, the more money you’re losing.
  • Fees and Penalties: Clarify what fees you’ll pay and the penalties that will be levied against you. These should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions so you won’t be caught flat-footed by hidden charges.
  • Retaining Use of Collateral: Make sure that your car will remain with you and that you can keep using it. Reliable lenders will only require the car’s title from you.  

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