Falling Behind on Your Auto Loan Brampton Ontario? X Things You Can Do to Manage

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June 21, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Canadians are now paying an insane amount for gas. The conflict with Ukraine and general supply chain problems will also cause a global price hike. This can make paying for an auto loan Brampton Ontario tougher. Equifax has already reported that loan delinquencies rose by almost 9% in February. Are you in that situation or feel you’ll fall behind in your payments? Here’s what you can do to manage it:

3 Options When You’re Behind Your Fast Loan Payments

  • Discuss your options with your lender. Lending companies will always prefer you be honest about your situation than just missing a payment deadline. They don’t want to lose their clients or their investment so they’ll be willing to come up with a compromise. Talk to them and ask about deferment, lowering your interest rate, or extending your loan. 
  • Use a refinance car loan. You can also use your current car equity to secure a loan and pay off what you can. You can use the funds to close other loans you have and free up more money in the process. 
  • Do a trade. You can also trade your car for a more affordable one. You can opt for a model that has better gas mileage. Make sure you do a trade-in using a reliable dealer instead of selling to a private party. It’s safer and fairer. 

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