Why Bad Credit Auto Loans Ajax Ontario are Better Options Over Pawning

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April 29, 2021
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May 3, 2021

If you need cash fast, there are many options available to you. Asking your family or friends for a loan is the most popular. You can also get a side gig or two. This kind of employment has been common the past few years. Many people also pawn their valuables or get bad credit auto loans Ajax Ontario. The latter is actually the best option. Here’s why: 

Why Auto Title Loans are Superior to Pawn Loans 

  • You get to keep your car. While you will put it up as collateral, the lender will not take your car from you. They will ask you to surrender your car’s title instead. This will be returned to you once the money has been repaid. You can keep using your car even while the loan is active. 
  • You can borrow more money. There are limits to the amount pawn shops can give you. They follow a standard rate. So even if you’re pawning a diamond ring, you can’t borrow a big amount. It’s different with car collateral loans. The loan depends on the vehicle’s equity. The larger your car’s value, the more money you can get. 
  • The interest rates are lower. Most title loan specialists give low interest rates. Some lenders go as low as 1.5 percent interest. Pawn shops typically charge 25 percent interest.

The Number One in the Industry 

You’re on the right track with Canada Car Cash. The company specializes in title loans and can provide more than other lenders. They have interest rates that are 70% lower than their rivals. They also offer low monthly payments and extended loan terms. You can even get approved in minutes. Sign up on their website or call their toll-free number at 1-844-598-763. 

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