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February 15, 2022
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February 15, 2022

Need fast cash? Someone might have recommended applying for an auto title loan. This secured loan has helped millions of people over the years. But before you start searching for a lender, you should understand some elements about this loan. Here’s what people often Google about bad credit loans Ajax Ontario

Most Asked Questions About Bad Credit Loans Ajax

  • What is a lien-free title? It means you own your car. It has been paid in full and there are no outstanding loans against it. 
  • Can I apply for a car pawn loan with bad credit? Yes, you can. You’ll be putting up your car as collateral. Its value will cover the loan so there’s less risk on the lender’s end. 
  • How can I use the loan? You can use it for anything. The lending company won’t have anything to say if you use it to consolidate your debt or go on vacation. 
  • Should the title be in my name? Yes, it should be. The lender won’t care if you got it from your grandparents and you’ve been using it for five years now. If your name isn’t on the bad credit loans Ajax, the lender won’t accept it. 
  • Can I apply for this loan even if I’m unemployed? Yes, you can qualify for bad credit loans Ajax. But you still have to provide proof of income. This can be your pension, severance pay, or social security benefits. 

The Best in the Industry | Bad Credit Loans Ajax

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