Commonly Asked Questions About Bad Credit Loans Kamloops British Columbia Canada

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For years, millions of Canadians have turned to bad credit loans Kamloops British Columbia during emergencies or financial problems. And with the coronavirus wreaking havoc on people’s lives, more citizens will undoubtedly turn to this secured loan again. Here’s what you should know about them.

FAQs About Title Loans | Bad Credit Loans Kamloops 

  • Can I get a title loan if I have poor or no credit? Yes. Your credit score isn’t a major factor with title loans because you’ll be pledging your car as collateral. It will serve as security for the loan.
  • How much money can I borrow? This will depend on the car equity and the borrower’s capacity to pay back the loan. It will also be affected by your location as some states have restrictions on the amount a finance firm can offer.
  • Can I use my motorcycle as collateral? Yes, you can. Most title lending companies accept any and all types of vehicles, including motorbikes, RVs, trucks, and even boats. However, most prefer conventional cars. It’s best to first verify with the lender what’s the acceptable collateral.
  • Can I apply for a loan even if I’m retired or on disability? Yes, you can. Retirees and people on disability can still avail of this loan. Your pension and disability will be considered as your income. But you’ll also have to submit other requirements, like your car’s title, a valid ID, and proof of residence or citizenship.

Faster Than the Competition

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