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December 21, 2021
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There’s no doubt that a loan is an essential aspect of adulthood. Very few people can go through life without taking on a loan or two. But what if the money you got from a loan isn’t enough? Bad credit loans Ottawa Ontario depend on the car’s equity. If the lending company’s assessment of its value is low, their offer might not be enough for your needs. Can you apply for another title loan? 

What’s the Maximum Number of Title Loans Can I Get? 

You are not the first to wonder if you can have more than one title loan. This secured loan is beloved for its fast application process that allows people to get the money they need when they need it.  But can you apply for more than one car pawn loan? The answer is yes. You can get as many title loans as you want with as many vehicles with lien-free titles as you have. 

That’s the key detail that people should understand. You can only use one collateral per loan. You can apply for multiple loans simultaneously as long as you use a different car for each application. It’s not even a unique situation as many families have more than one car. You and your partner can get a loan each if you need it. But that also means multiple payments. You have to ensure you can meet those demands. 

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