Is a Bank Account a Requirement for a Bad Credit Score Auto Loan BurlingtonBritish Columbia?

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August 5, 2021
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August 8, 2021

Auto Loan Burlington are not an option for many people. Some might not have the credit rating required by the bank while others don’t have a bank account. Conventional loans also take weeks to process. A bad credit score auto loan Nanaimo British Columbia is a better option when you need fast cash. 

How to Get a Loan Without a Bank Account

Most people believe that you can’t get a loan without a bank account. That might be true with bank loans, but a car pawn loan is designed differently. This is a secured loan as it requires the applicant to pledge their car as collateral. It also has fewer requirements. You only need a valid ID, your car’s title, proof of residence, and proof of income. 

A bank account is not one of the requirements. You can still get a title loan even without one. The lender can send you the funds online or you can pick up your cheque at the lender’s office. You can also send your monthly payments via different payment channels. You can pay over the phone using your credit card or through an app. 

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