Does Having Insurance Guarantee Bad Credit Score Auto Loan LethBridge Alberta Approval?

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June 9, 2021
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A bad credit score auto loan LethBridge Alberta is one of the most effective ways to get additional funding if you have an emergency. Borrowers love the fact that you can apply for this secured loan even if you have a poor credit score and/or no credit history. A title loan has few requirements and minimal paperwork. One requirement that has confused borrowers is car insurance. Is it enough to guarantee approval? 

Do I Need Insurance to be Approved? 

It depends on where you live. Many states welcome car collateral loans while others don’t allow local lenders to carry them. The cities that do require insurance also have various notions regarding the kind of insurance you need to have. But having car insurance will offer some protection. It also means you won’t have to shoulder the damages should anything happen to your car. Those will be covered by your insurance policy. It could also cover vehicle theft. 

Depending on your lender, you might be required to prove that you have collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. But some lenders are equally happy if the borrower only has liability insurance. You might also be offered the option to buy a “debt cancellation addendum.” This will cover vehicles that have extensive damage. 

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