Going to Borrow Using Your Car Moncton New Brunswick? Signs You Should be Wary of a Lending Company

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November 1, 2021
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Securing additional funds for an emergency or unexpected expense isn’t as much of a problem as it was decades ago. People have more lending options now. You can even borrow using your car Moncton New Brunswick. As a matter of fact, auto title loans are so popular you won’t have trouble finding a lender offering such a service. But whether or not it’s a trustworthy company and not a scam is another matter. 

When to be Wary of a Lending Company 

  • They guarantee approval. It’s not possible for a company to predict if an auto finance loan application will be approved or not. All loans, even the secured ones, can’t promise 100% approval. There are many factors that affect a loan, like age, income, and more. 
  • They’re vague about their interest rates and other information. Be on guard if the lender can’t, or won’t, share critical details. It’s frustrating since applicants need the right information before they make a decision. A good lender will have crucial information on their website. 
  • They ask for advanced payment. This is an obvious red flag. Walk away from any company that demands upfront payment for an insurance or processing fee. Legitimate lenders will take out any payments straight from the loan. 

Lowest Possible Payment in the Industry 

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