Invaluable Questions to Ask Car Equity Nanaimo British Columbia Lenders During the Selection Process

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Choosing a lending company specializing in auto title loans can be challenging. The problem lies more in the quality than the quantity. There are thousands of companies that will accept your car equity Nanaimo British Columbia as security. But whether they’re reliable or are the right fit for you is something else entirely. You can find out by asking the following questions: 

5 Important Questions to Ask Lenders

  • How will you know your loan status? You should be able to keep track of your application or the status of an active loan. Do you need to sign up for an account on the lender’s website or will they send notifications?
  • What’s their contact point? Communication is vital, especially when dealing with money. Ask the lender what their information process is or if there will be someone specifically assigned to your account. 
  • How will you send the requirements? Bad credit loans don’t have a lot of paperwork, but you still need to submit certain documents. Double-check if the lender needs physical copies or if you can just use digital ones.
  • What’s the total cost of the loan? Verify if the lender’s bottom line is final or if there are additional fees (ex. closing costs) that will be included. 
  • Have there been complaints against the company? A reliable company will go with full disclosure if there are. Check with the Better Business Bureau or look for feedback from previous clients. 

Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry 

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