Best Way to Stay on Your Car Equity Victoria British Columbia Lender’s Good Side

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May 6, 2021
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Borrowing money has negative connotations for most people, but loans are not bad. They help us during emergencies and keep us afloat during financial difficulties. We can show our appreciation for the assistance we receive by making sure that we pay on time. There are also other things we can do to keep on the car equity Victoria British Columbia lender’s good side. 

4 Ways to Stay on Good Terms with Your Lender

  • Pay on Time: The best way to stay on your lender’s good graces is to pay on time. Following the payment schedule will make things easier for you and the lending company. 
  • Keep the Lines Open: You should always communicate with your lender. Send them a message if you think you won’t meet your deadline this month. They will appreciate you being proactive. It’s also a good idea to inform them when you do pay the loan. 
  • Ask for an Extension: There’s no harm in asking for an extension if you can’t pay back your loan on time. Auto finance companies have a roll-over feature. This allows the borrower to extend their loan. The interest rate added to the next payment. 
  • Pay the Minimum: A partial payment is better than no payment. At the very least, try to pay the minimum. You won’t be penalized and your interest rate will remain the same. Your lender might also be amenable to changing the terms of your loan so you won’t struggle with the payments. 

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