Car Finance Abbotsford Alberta Facts: Ways to Transfer Vehicle’s Title to Another Person

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Is your car a gift from your parents? Or maybe you’re planning on selling the one you have to purchase a new one. Whatever the reason, there are instances when a car’s title has to be transferred from one person to another. This has to be done properly to make the ownership legal and ensure you can apply for car finance Abbotsford Alberta.

How to Transfer a Car’s Title | Car Finance Abbotsford Alberta

  • Basic Transfer: It’s very easy to transfer a car’s title when you own the vehicle outright. You simply fill up and sign a title certificate and the prospective owner will bring it to their local DMV. The steps for completing the transfer vary per state but it’s a straightforward and quick process.
  • Lost Title: A car’s title is an important document. Vehicle owners must keep it safe but accessible. If it gets lost, you should report the incident immediately to the DMV. You have to request a duplicate copy before you sell or give away the vehicle. 
  • Transfer with Existing Loan: It’s also possible to transfer a car’s ownership even if there’s an existing lien. Maybe the owner is still paying for the car or it’s being used as collateral for a refinance car loan. Ask the lending company about your options. Some lenders might require that the loan be paid off in full or at a certain percentage. 

Faster Than the Competition | Car Finance Abbotsford Alberta

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