What Will Happen If My Car Pawn Loan Red Deer Alberta Collateral is Damaged Before Repayment?

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November 24, 2021
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November 26, 2021

A car pawn loan Red Deer Alberta revolves around the collateral and its value. A high-value vehicle can improve your chances of getting your loan application approved. It also determines how much money the lender is willing to invest in you. But what happens when your collateral is damaged before you finish repaying the lending company? 

What Happens When Your Collateral is Damaged? 

 Accidents can happen. Your car might be involved in a car crash or someone might have stolen it. It’s a stressful situation that will be made worse if the vehicle is also being used as collateral for a poor credit car loan. So what will you do if this happens? You will continue to pay off the loan. You’re still liable for it even if your car is no longer functioning at 100%. In short, nothing really changes when this happens. You’re still obligated to pay the lending company in full.

Lending companies require the borrower to have car insurance. It’s one of the ways they safeguard their interests. Many lenders will insist you get liability insurance. Others are satisfied with the basic coverage. If you’re insured, the provider will cover the cost of the loan. 

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