Car Pawn Loan Regina Saskatchewan FAQs: Here’s Why You Don’t Have to Worry about Your Credit Score

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July 21, 2021
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July 23, 2021

Your credit score is a big part of your adult life. This three-digit number represents how creditworthy you are. A high credit score means an easier time getting a loan and being offered discounts. Conversely, a low credit rating could find your applications for a loan or other services rejected. Unless you are getting a car pawn loan Regina Saskatchewan. 

Getting a Loan with a Low Credit Score

One of the requirements of a bank loan is a credit score of 700 or better. A low credit rating will find you disqualified from applying for financial assistance. But your credit score is not a major factor in car equity loans. This loan depends more on the value of the collateral you will be putting up. 

Auto title loans require borrowers to put up their car as collateral. A high-value vehicle could mean a substantial loan. Because the car will cover the loan, many lending companies offering this loan don’t bother with credit scores. Most don’t even check the applicant’s score or credit history. If they do, it’s not an in-depth assessment. It’s why the approval process is faster. It also means anyone can apply for this loan, even those with no credit history and low credit scores. 

Trusted Car Loan Expert

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