What Car Pawn Loan Toronto Ontario Companies Look When Conducting Car Inspections

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What Car Pawn Loan Toronto Ontario Companies Look When Conducting Car Inspections

Every car owner knows how boring vehicle inspections can be, but it’s something that must be done yearly to ensure it’s safe to drive. They’re also necessary if you want to get a car pawn loan Toronto Ontario. Lenders need to assess the collateral to determine its value and see if it’s enough to cover the loan. Knowing what inspectors check will help you make the necessary repairs so your car will pass with flying colors.

5 Things Inspectors Look for When Doing Car Inspections

  • Tire Condition: You won’t pass inspection with old tires. Check your tire’s wear indicator and get new ones if they’re too worn down. Don’t forget to check the spare.
  • Functioning Lights: Inspectors will also check if all lights are functioning. This includes the headlights, brake lights, backups, emergency flashers, high beams, turn signals, and sidelights.
  • Brake Condition: This is one of the most critical features a mechanic will check. They will evaluate the brake pads and emergency brake. If the system isn’t working properly, the car won’t pass safety inspection.
  • Fluid Leaks: Serious leakage is a safety hazard for drivers, passengers, and the general public. Watch out for drips or any liquid pooling under the vehicle when it’s parked.
  • State of Exterior: Car equity lenders will also consider the cosmetic damage on the collateral. This includes scratches and dents on the body and loose seals, cracks, and chips on the windshield.  

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