Getting an Easy Bad Credit Loan Halifax Nova Scotia? Don’t be Fooled by These Misinformation

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February 15, 2022
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You have a lot of options when you need fast cash. You can sell some of your stuff or look for an extra gig. You can borrow money from friends or get a bank loan. You might have also heard that an easy bad credit loan Halifax Nova Scotia is a fast and easy way to get funds when you have an emergency. But you might have also heard some horror stories about auto title loans. This article will clear up that misinformation.

3 Wrong Information People Receive About Auto Title Loans

  • You need a high credit score. You can apply for this loan even if you have a low credit score or no credit history. Bad credit auto loans require that you put up your car as collateral. It covers the loan so most lenders don’t check credit scores anymore. But you should strive to get a high credit score because of its numerous benefits. 
  • It has high-interest rates. This is not true. Interest rates for this secured loan are often lower than what you have for your credit cards. But there are factors that will affect the interest rate, like your location and repayment conditions. 
  • The lending company will get your car. This is fake news. Your car will remain with you even while the loan is active. But they will hold on to the car’s title. The only time the lender might take your car is if you default on your loan.

Same Day Cash

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