Top 3 Reasons an Easy Bad Credit Loan Hamilton Ontario Application is Denied

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May 4, 2020
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May 6, 2020

Vehicle title loans are a magnificent option for consumers who need financial assistance but can’t get it from a traditional lending company. An easy bad credit loan Hamilton Ontario is easier to qualify and apply for because you’ll be offering your car up as collateral. Despite that, some rejections are expected as no loan is 100% guaranteed. Here are some reasons why a loan is denied:

3 Reasons a Title Loan is Rejected

  • Deficient Car Equity: In order to be considered proper collateral, your car should have enough value. If your requested loan amount is more than the car’s actual value, the lender will decline the application. Unfortunately, cars depreciate quickly. You can counter that by ensuring your collateral runs smoothly and is well- maintained.
  • Problems with the Car’s Title: Your application might also be rejected if there are issues with your car’s title. For example, there might be a previous lien on it, or another name is listed as the owner. Check that the title is clean and free before using it as collateral.
  • Questions about Borrower’s Capacity to Pay: A lending company will deny any applicant that they believe will have problems paying off the loan. For example, you can’t provide proof of income or your monthly cash flow isn’t reason enough to cover a loan.

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