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July 8, 2022
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A survey conducted by an online job search company revealed that 70% of their respondents chose to work as a freelancer to achieve the work-life balance that they desire. You can earn a lot without stressing over office politics. You also have control of your time. But there will be times when clients are scarce and you don’t have the luxury of a steady paycheck every 15th and 30th. An easy bad credit loan Kelowna British Columbia can be a lifesaver. 

Tips to Boost Your Chance of Getting a Fast Loan 

  • Make everything as legitimate as possible. There’s still a bit of a stigma when it comes to freelancing. Some look at it as less than being a full-time employee. It’s a good idea to legitimize your status as a freelancer. Make sure you pay your taxes. Have a website designed for you and print out business cards. 
  • Prove your capability to pay loans. Lending companies want reassurance that you can repay them even if you’re a freelancer. It’s easier with a special financing auto loan since you’ll be putting up collateral. But you’ll still need to show payslips or a bank statement proving you have a regular cash flow. 
  • Take care of your collateral. Wash your car at least once a month. Keep the interior clean and check the exterior for dents and scratches. Bring it to your mechanic for regular maintenance. A high-value vehicle will help you get a substantial loan. 

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