3 Things You Need to be Aware of Before Getting an Easy Bad Credit Loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan

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February 6, 2020
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Millions of people have used title loans during emergencies or when faced with an unexpected expense. Thanks to its minimal requirements and fast approval process, you can get the money you need in a few hours. But just because it’s easy it doesn’t mean you should blindly apply for one. There are several things you need to be aware of before getting an easy bad credit loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

What You Should Know Before Getting an Auto Title Loan

  • Payment Duration: Car equity loans are short-term loans, with most lenders only giving borrowers at least 30 days to pay off the loan. While it’s better to comply and repay it as soon as you can, you should also check what your options are if you need more time.
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): Many borrowers are amazed by the low-interest rates that lending companies give, only to find out that the lender hoodwinked them into thinking it’s the APR when it’s actually the monthly rate. Make sure you verify to avoid confusion.
  • Tracking System Requirements: Some lenders require that you either install a GPS tracker on your vehicle or leave them an extra set of keys. This is to ensure that they can find or repossess your car if you default on payments.

Get You More Money than the Competition

You can get more money when you apply for a loan with Canada Car Cash. The company specializes in title loans and can lend you a percentage of your car’s total value. Their interest rates are also 70% lower than their competitors and you can even get the money you need on the same day. Log on to their website to apply. You can also call their toll-free number at 1-844-598-7631.

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