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August 27, 2021
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An auto title loan is one of the easiest loans you can apply for. This secured loan is known for having a streamlined application process. It also has fewer requirements. One of the main ones is a clean car title. What if you haven’t gotten around to getting a title but you have the bill of sale. Can you use that to get an easy bad credit loan Surrey British Columbia

Can I Get a Loan with a Bill of Sale?  

No, you can’t. The requirements are quite clear. The borrower needs a lien-free vehicle and a clean title to apply for a car pawn loan. While the bill of sale proves you did purchase the vehicle, it’s not what the lending company is looking for. A bill of sale is like a contract or a receipt. It doesn’t show that you do own the car. For all the lender knows, you might have bought the car for someone else. It certainly won’t convince the company to give you a loan. 

It’s better if you take steps immediately to get a title. Bring all your documents to the local DMV. Show the bill of sale and other relevant documents. You’ll be asked to secure a surety bond. Once you get it, you can have your name registered as the owner. 

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