Top 3 Tricks to Get Fast Cash Saint John New Brunswick and Grow Your Savings in 2021

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January 12, 2021
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Trying to save more money is easier said than done. People know there are many practical ways to do this, like making their own lunch or walking more. But the mundaneness can make saving more fast cash Saint John New Brunswick boring and hard. So why not change it up a bit and turn it into a game with these tricks?

Fun Ways to Save Money

  • Put Rebates and Discounts in the Bank. There’s always that happy feeling whenever you get a discount or a rebate. You can make it even better by putting the difference between the full price and the discount in your account and boost your savings faster.
  • Stash Away Bonuses and Loans. Another winning strategy is to bank all the bonuses, cash gifts, windfalls (ex. tax refund), and car pawn loan is given to you. If you received a raise but can live comfortably on your present income, you can send the added salary straight to your account.
  • Start a Savings Challenge. This is a fun and effective way to save money. There are so many money challenges out there. One of the most popular challenges dares you to put aside money based on the week number. For the first week of 2021, you can put $1 down your piggy bank. The following week, deposit $2 and so on. If you succeed, you’ll end up a thousand dollars richer.

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