Do Fast Loan Ajax Ontario Companies Accept Titles Signed over to the Borrower?

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No one wants to be in a situation when you need money quickly and your savings just isn’t enough. It’s stressful, that’s for sure. But what you should remember is that there’s always a solution to this problem, like borrowing from friends or relatives or applying for a fast loan Ajax Ontario. But what if you just inherited your car or it was given to you?

Do Lenders Accept Titles Just Signed Over to the Applicant?

There are cases where you have a car, but your name is not on the title. Maybe you just inherited the vehicle, or it was given to you by a relative. There are also situations where your name is on the ownership title along with another name.

If the car was a gift or something you inherited, you can still apply for an easy bad credit loan. However, the person who gave you the vehicle will have to sign special portions of the document to officially transfer the title to you.

It’s a different scenario if your name appears on the title, along with someone else. Make sure that there is an “and” between the names. This shows that the title is both the two individual’s names.  Don’t forget that your name should appear in the ownership title, even when there are two parties involved.

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