Can You Qualify for a Short-Term Fast Loan Regina Saskatchewan if You’re Unemployed?

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February 10, 2021
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Unlike conventional loans, short-term loans are easier to qualify for and have a simpler application process. A title loan is a prime example of this kind of financial service. You don’t need to have a bank account or a good credit score to qualify for this loan. The lender also asks for a few requirements, with the primary one being a car with enough equity. But what if you lose your job? Can you still apply for a fast loan Regina Saskatchewan?

How to Get a Loan When You’re Unemployed

Many people assume that you can’t get a loan if you’re unemployed. After all, how can one return the money borrowed if they don’t have a job? However, this is a complex situation since some lending companies can approve an application even if the borrower is unemployed as long as they have an alternate source of income.

Technically, you can be unemployed but still have a regular source of income. Let’s say your company closed because of the pandemic but you have an online clothing shop that still does steady business, then you still have money coming in. This is why companies specializing in car collateral loans accept other proof of income aside from payslips. You can use your pension or disability slips, or you can show your bank account statements.

Trusted Car Loan Expert

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