Fast Loan Surrey British Columbia Advice: Times You Should Only Make the Minimum Downpayment

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July 7, 2021
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Making a major purchase is a big decision, especially if we have to take out a fast loan Surrey British Columbia for that. Many experts advocate for making a large down payment when we take on a big investment, like buying a car. But there are times when it’s fine to pay only the minimum amount.

3 Times Making a Small Down Payment is OK | Fast Loan Surrey

  • A big down payment will impact your savings. Dipping into your savings account just to make a large down payment is not a sensible choice. You should make sure your emergency fund is intact. 
  • You can qualify for low-interest rates. The best auto finance companies offer great deals at low-interest rates. If you have a good credit rating, your lender could only charge you 3% to 4% interest. You should consider borrowing more money and either saving the extra cash or using it for other expenses.  
  • Your finances can afford big monthly payments. A bigger down payment means smaller monthly fees and vice versa. If your money situation is stable, you can opt to make bigger monthly payments in exchange for smaller initial cash out. 

Same Day Cash | Fast Loan Surrey

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