Is It Harder to Get a Fast Loan Surrey British Columbia If You’re Single?

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Compared to married couples, singles are at a disadvantage when it comes to finances. The former can combine their earnings to have a bigger budget. They can also sign for a mortgage or loan together. So the situation begs the question -is it harder for a single person to get a fast loan Surrey British Columbia

Does It Matter If You’re Single?

No, it doesn’t. Being single, married, or in whatever kind of relationship has no bearing on loans. Lending companies don’t decide on loan approvals based on marital status. The Equal Credit Opportunity Act makes that illegal. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a mortgage or a poor credit car loan. Every application is decided on merit and pre-existing guidelines. 

What’s more, your credit rating is an individual matter. Your credit report holds your credit history. Getting married or living with someone doesn’t change that. Marrying someone with no credit history or a perfect credit score won’t affect your rating. The only time you and your partner’s credit score will be considered together is if you apply for a loan together. The lender will consider both of your scores and the loan will appear in both your credit reports. It 

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