3 Key Questions You Need to Ask Before Cosigning a Fast Loan Red Deer Alberta

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January 25, 2021
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A cosigner is one way to improve one’s chances of getting a fast loan Red Deer Alberta. While it’s the borrower’s responsibility to pay back the loan, a cosigner will theoretically step in if the primary client defaults. It’s a big risk so if you’re considering being a cosigner, make sure you ask these questions first:

Top Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Cosigner

  • Why are you getting a loan? The question might seem uncouth and intrusive to some but since you’re putting your name on the line, you deserve to know if it’s worth the risk. After all, agreeing to share the burden with a friend who’s getting a car pawn loan for medical treatments is different from saying yes to someone who plans to go on a vacation.
  • What’s your payment strategy? You should know how the borrower plans to return the money. After all, you will be shouldering the loan if they default. You probably won’t have a problem if they have a stable job. But reconsider if they say they’ll start looking for another job or gig after they get a loan.
  • When will the loan be paid in full? Long payment periods place you at a disadvantage. First, there’s a big chance you’ll end up paying for the loan. Next, the loan will appear in your credit report while it is active. You don’t want another person’s debt in there since it will impact your own chances of getting a loan.

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