Looking For a Good Financing Option After a Lay-off? Minimum Credit Score Loans Sherwood Park Alberta is a Good Choice

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August 2, 2022
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August 4, 2022

Losing a job is a common scenario that nobody comes to a surprise. Businesses are closing and filing bankruptcy, causing many workers to lose jobs. The economic problem that hit many places has affected not only a few but thousands of individuals. Thousand of families suffered. Some even lose their homes. 

The sad truth is that bills keep coming even if we are unemployed and without income. We still have to pay for food, medicines, electricity, and water. An unemployed person is not attractive to lenders. What is their guarantee that they can take back their money? But if you own a car, you can stop worrying. Minimum credit score loans Sherwood Park Alberta is the answer to your financial problem.

Loans Without Credit Check

  • Payday Loans. Payday lenders don’t mind if you have a low credit score. This loan is a short-term loan designed for those who need fast cash. Please think carefully before getting this loan because it is costly. Their interest rates are very high. If you have other options, better avoid this type of loan. 
  • Car Collateral Loans. An auto loan where your vehicle is the collateral. There will be no credit checks.

What Makes Car Collateral Loan Better Than Payday Loan?

  • A car collateral loan has a lower interest rate than a payday loan.
  • The amount you can borrow is much higher than a payday loan.

Being unemployed has a significant impact on your income and lifestyle. But getting a car loan with your car as a guarantee can help finance your expenses while looking for another job.

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