Getting a Poor Credit Car Loan Calgary Alberta? Here’s How It Will Affect Your Credit Rating

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July 27, 2021
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You should always strive to have a positive credit rating. Talk to any financial guru and they will tell you that. A good credit score opens many doors, like easier access to services. You can have low-interest rates. You’ll also have a better chance of getting approved for credit cards or loans. If you’re working on your credit score, you’re probably wondering if a poor credit car loan Calgary Alberta can help or hinder your efforts. 

Will an Auto Title Loan Affect My Credit Score? 

An easy bad credit loan will have minimal impact on your credit score. This secured loan is popular because it doesn’t depend on your credit rating. Even someone with a low credit score or no credit history can apply for one. The collateral the borrower will put up has a heavier impact. After all, the approval and loan amount hinges on the equity the borrower has on their car. You’re still required to make your loan payments on time, but your credit score will remain essentially the same. 

However, the situation changes a bit if you default. This is because missing payments could lead to repossession. When this unfortunate event happens, the lender is required to report it to credit bureaus. The incident will remain on your credit report and will affect your score. 

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