Can Someone on Pension Qualify for a Poor Credit Car Loan Halifax Nova Scotia?

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August 1, 2021
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There are many benefits to applying for a poor credit car loan Halifax Nova Scotia. This secured loan has a simple application process. You can secure approval quickly and even receive the money you need within a few hours. The loan requirements also make it possible for someone on pension to qualify for it. 

Can Retirees Apply for an Auto Title Loan? 

Yes, even retirees can qualify for a car pawn loan. The main requirements are cut and dried. The applicant has to be an adult and have their own car. The vehicle will be used as collateral and should come with a clean title. They should also be able to provide proof of residence and proof of income. Lenders offering this service will consider the applicant’s pension, disability funds, and social security benefits as an alternative source of income. However, the applicant still needs to prove that their budget can cover the loan. 

The value of the collateral will also play a big factor in the loan. You don’t have to worry if it has a high enough value. But there might be problems if the car is more than eight years old and has high mileage. While you might still get approved, don’t expect a substantial loan. 

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