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September 21, 2020
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A person’s credit score is a key component of their finances. The higher the score is, the better their chances of securing a loan, leasing a good apartment, or even getting discounts from utility companies. While you don’t need an excellent credit score to apply for a poor credit car loan Nanaimo British Columbia, it will help your chances if you do.

Best Practices to Quickly Boost Your Credit Score

  • Pay Bills on Time: This is the best way to improve your credit standing. Car equity lenders are understandably interested in how reliable you are when it comes to bill payments.
  • Cut Down Your Credit Card Debt: Another effective way of bringing up your score is to bring down your debt. Most lending companies suggest keeping debts to about 30% of less of your credit limit.
  • Keep Unused Credit Cards Open: The savvy consumer knows it’s better to keep credit cards open, even if they don’t use them. Closing an account will affect your credit utilization ratio and prevent any positive reports from being forwarded to credit bureaus.
  • Slow Down on Credit Applications: Companies conduct a hard inquiry done every time you apply for a loan or credit. However, numerous inquiries will pull down your score.
  • Double Check Your Credit Report: Incorrect or missing information can also pull down your rating. Always go over your credit report and dispute any errors as soon as you see them.

Faster Than the Competition

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