Factors Lenders Consider During Inspection for a Poor Credit Credit Car Loan Regina Saskatchewan

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August 31, 2021
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The popularity of auto title loans rests on several factors – the minimal requirements, fast application process, and low-interest rates. The required car inspection is key to determining the success of your poor credit car loan Regina Saskatchewan application. You can bring your car to the lending company for a physical evaluation. You also have the option of sending photos and videos of your car for a virtual assessment. Whatever your choice, the lender considers several factors when checking your collateral. 

Top Details Lenders Check During Car Inspections 

  • Brand/ Model: You can technically use any vehicle as collateral for a car pawn loan. However, standard cars are most often used. Lending companies also prefer cars since they’re easier to sell. Certain brands are considered more valuable, like Ford. Your collateral should ideally be less than eight years old. 
  • State of the Exterior and Interior: The inspector will also check for scratches and dents. The less they find, the better your approval chances are. Rust on the hood or exterior will knock off points. The interior should be clean. The seats should not be ripped or stained. 
  • Mechanical Condition: Lenders want collateral that runs smoothly. They will check if the brakes are working perfectly. The engine should also be clean and purring. Vents, filters, and belts should also be in top shape. 

Lowest Interest Rates in the Industry 

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