3 Factors that can Make or Break Your Car’s Appraisal for a Quick Car Loan Toronto Ontario

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July 30, 2019
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As the name implies, your car and its title of ownership are the most important elements of a vehicle title loan. The car is put up as collateral for this secured loan and the title is surrendered to the lending company. How much money you can get from a quick car loan Toronto Ontario will also depend on the state of your car. There are also other factors that will have a big impact on how collateral is evaluated.

Factors that Affect a Car’s Appraisal

Lenders inspect the proposed collateral to determine how much they can safely lend the borrower. Most lending companies would consider these factors:

  • Model and manufacturing year: These are two things lenders will check first. It goes without saying that certain cars will merit a higher valuation than others. After all, a Mercedes-Benz and a Hyundai are vastly different models.
  • Installed after-market accessories: Any enhancements made to the vehicle after it rolls off the assembly line will have an impact on the assessment. Accessories like customized paint jobs, special interior lights or electronics can add to the car’s value.
  • State of the frame: The vehicle’s exterior or frame is one component that can make or break its value. A well-maintained frame with minimal damage is regarded in a positive light. That means that if the chassis or exterior is damaged, your car pawn loan might not be as much as you expected.

Borrow More Money than any Competitor has to Offer

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