Best Times for Small Business Owners to Apply for a Refinance Car Loan Ajax Ontario

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March 10, 2022
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March 14, 2022

There are times when small business owners will benefit from using a refinance car loan Ajax Ontario. After all, this secured loan is flexible. You can use it for any reason, which makes them perfect for businesses that need a quick cash infusion. But a loan will add to your debt and can strain your budget further. It’s why you should only apply for one when the timing is right. 

Best Times to Get an Auto Title Loan 

  • You’re preparing for the peak season. Most businesses are seasonal. You can use a title loan to prepare for the increased demand for your products during your peak season. The funds can be used to boost your inventory or hire additional workers. 
  • Your credit rating has taken a hit. Banks and other conventional lenders require borrowers to have high credit scores. So if your credit score has taken a hit or is bordering on average,  there will be no help from that quarter. But you can use your car to get a loan. You don’t have to deal with credit scores as your car will cover the loan. 
  • You don’t have an earning history. Many new entrepreneurs have problems getting a business loan since they can’t provide proof that they’ve generated enough income to pay back the lender. That’s not an issue with title loans since your car will cover the lender’s investment. 

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