How Long Does It Take to Apply for a Refinance Car Loan Ajax Ontario?

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April 24, 2020
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Every one of us goes through challenging times, and life can become more difficult if you’re facing it with minimal cash on hand. Millions of Canadians who are going through such times can take comfort in the fact that they can always apply for a refinance car loan Ajax Ontario. While title loans are known for their quick application process, many people continue to wonder how long they would have to wait to secure the cash they need.

How Long Does a Title Loan Application Take?

How quickly you can get your title loan largely depends on how fast you can meet the lender’s requirements. While every company has a different set of required documents, most will demand proof that the borrower resides in the country, that they have a steady source of income, and that they have a lien-free car title to offer. Borrowers will also be asked to submit valid IDs to prove that they are adults and are legally responsible to apply for a loan.

Once all the documents have been submitted and reviewed by the Underwriting Department, the company can start to make a conditional offer.  This doesn’t take a long time because most car equity lenders don’t bother with credit checks anymore. Once the application process is finished and the loan approved, it will take around three to five hours to fund the loan and release the money.

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