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May 19, 2022
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You have several options when you’re feeling the financial pinch. You can put your credit cards to good use, utilize your home equity, or take out a refinance car loan Kelowna British Columbia. Millions of people have chosen the latter option, especially when they need money fast. An auto title loan is a good choice since it has a fast application process. But don’t get ahead of yourself. You should first know what pitfalls to watch out for. 

3 Vehicle Title Loan Pitfalls to Avoid 

  • Watch out for high-interest rates. You can enjoy interest rates in the single-digit with title loans. It doesn’t mean you can get a low-interest rate or that you can afford this secured loan. Remember that the lender will be the one to decide how much interest to charge. It’s why shopping around for a good lender is a must. Ask for quotes from several lending companies and weigh each one carefully. 
  • Be mindful of exorbitant fees. Lenders will charge you several fees, like insurance or processing payments. Choose a company that can provide a fair offer. You should also do your own computation. You shouldn’t be paying more than 5% of the borrowed amount for penalties or other charges. 
  • Verify prepayment penalties. Closing a loan early can be advantageous. Don’t assure me you can do it though. Check if the car equity lender accepts early payouts before sending the money. 

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