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October 23, 2020
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They say borrowing money is one of the hardest things to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking a friend or family member for help, or applying for a refinance car loan Surrey British Columbia. It’s because a loan is a big commitment, and there are consequences if you don’t return the money. So before you apply for one, make sure you ask yourself these crucial questions.

4 Questions You Should Answer Before Getting a Loan

  • Do I really need to buy this now? Many people confuse “want” with “need” and end up in debt. Think about why you need the money. Is it really necessary or can you wait longer until you’ve saved enough to pay in cash?
  • Is there a cheaper option? We always want the latest model of the most popular brand. But if you’re borrowing money to purchase something, it might be smarter to look for a more affordable alternative.
  • Can I afford the payments? This is one of the most critical questions you should ask yourself, and one you must answer honestly. Consider the limitations on your budget if you continue with the loan, like skipping a trip or cutting down on take-outs.
  • What will happen if I can’t return the money? You must always consider the worst-case scenario before getting a fast loan. Knowing what you’ll lose if you default gives you a different perspective on things.

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