How to Check if a Local Refinance Car Loan Vernon British Columbia Company is Legit

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September 9, 2020
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September 11, 2020

Auto title loans are a great option if you need extra cash fast. However, the popularity of these loans has also made them susceptible to scammers. Fraudulent companies are good at appearing legitimate. You won’t know you’ve been tricked until you’re already in deep. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to check that a refinance car loan Vernon British Columbia is the real deal.

How to Check if the Lending Company is Legit

  • Verify with the Better Business Bureau: Go to your local Better Business Bureau website or office and have the company checked. A legitimate lending company will have verifiable information, like an email address, telephone number, website URL, and office address.
  • Look at the Payment Requirements: Ask the lender what payment options are open to you and if there’s advance payment. Be wary of companies that insist on online payment centers since these transactions are difficult to trace. You should also consider the demands for advance payment as a red flag. Trustworthy lenders don’t require this.
  • Have a Professional Review the Contract: It’s also a good idea to ask a lawyer to review your car pawn loan contract. A legal expert can easily spot scams and loopholes that are detrimental to you. Licensed companies even welcome this move or would even suggest that you have the contract looked over by a lawyer.

Number One in the Industry

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