Can You Get a Special Financing Auto Loan Barrie Ontario If You’re Still Paying for Your Car?

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March 21, 2019
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March 26, 2019

Due to its popularity, a lot of lending companies offer collateral or title loans. This is a secured loan that has become a lifeline to many due to the easy requirements and fast approval. But since you will be offering up your vehicle’s title of ownership as collateral, there are concerns whether a car that’s not fully paid for can be used to apply for a special financing auto loan Barrie Ontario.

Can I Get a Loan Even if I’m not Finished With My Car’s Payments?

A lot of borrowers are concerned if they can still get an auto loan if their car isn’t fully paid for yet. This decision essentially depends on the lender.

Lending companies have different requirements. Some will demand a clean title in the borrower’s name while others are willing to lend money even if there’s a remaining balance on the vehicle. These companies are operating on the assumption that the car owner has accumulated enough equity on the collateral that it can still be used to repay the loan. Bear in mind that a car pawn loan is based on equity and not on the pending balance. Lenders will also take into account any outstanding payments left on the vehicle when they are assessing the loan amount they will extend.

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