What are Your Options if You Have Problems with Your Special Financing Auto Loan Ottawa Ontario?

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July 31, 2019
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A special financing auto loan Ottawa Ontario can make your life go more smoothly, especially if you have an emergency and need extra cash fast. This type of loan has grown in popularity because anyone can apply for one, even those with poor credit scores. A title loan also has fewer requirements and their approval process is so fast. However, you risk losing your car if you don’t meet your monthly payments. What can you do to ensure your car won’t be repossessed?

2 Options for Title Loan Problems

Despite your best intentions to pay your dues on time, there might come a time when you really don’t have extra money to pay your auto loan. One thing you can do if you find yourself in this predicament is to have an honest discussion with your lender. Most title lending companies are amenable to working out a new payment plan with the borrower. The lender might accept a partial payment or agree that you pay more next month.

A rollover is another option open to you. With this, you can extend your contract if you’re having problems repaying it with your current plan. However, you will be asked to pay a penalty every time you request an extension. While this will help ease your financial burden, don’t make it a habit. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying more than what you borrowed.

Same Day Cash

Get fair deals with Canada Car Cash. The company specializes in title loans so it can offer borrowers higher loan amounts. They’re also known for their low-interest rates, affordable monthly fees, and flexible payment schemes. You can even get the money you need on the same day, thanks to their fast approvals. Log on to their website to apply or call their toll-free number at 1-844-598-7631.

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