Types of Inspections Required When Getting a Special Financing Auto Title Loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan

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July 30, 2020
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Auto title loans require very little from prospective borrowers. They need proof of income, a clean car title, and a collateral with enough equity to cover the loan. The latter’s value will be determined by a car inspection. But what kind of assessment is done to successfully get a special financing auto loan Saskatoon Saskatchewan?

Main Types of Vehicle Inspections Used in Title Loans

Lending companies require offered collaterals to be evaluated to gauge their value. This procedure is essential as a title loan will utilize the car equity to cover the loan in case the borrower can’t return the money borrowed. There are two inspections usually done, one on the vehicle’s interior and the other on its exterior. With the former, the lender will pay close attention to the car’s mileage and the material that makes up its internal workings, like the engine. They will also assess the state of seats, the floor, indoor lights, AC, etc. The more well-maintained the car is, the higher the selling price.

Lenders will also inspect the vehicle’s exterior for cosmetic damage. They’ll be on the lookout for dents, scratches, and peeling paint. This is done to assess how much it will cost to repair the car before selling it. If you have the means, try to make cosmetic repairs on your car before applying for a loan.  

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