3 Things That Sets Specialized Car Equity Loans Burlington Ontario Apart from Traditional Loans

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July 9, 2019
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Every title lending company is different. While all lenders are mandated to comply with their state’s regulations, there’s a huge difference between the specialized car equity loans Burlington Ontario that online lenders offer and that of banks and other traditional lenders.

What Sets Online Lenders Apart

  • They’re usually locally owned and operated. The majority of lending companies are owned by locals and operate within the area. Although there’s also a large number of lenders that operate in various states. There’s an advantage to being a local business. For one, since they’re not a big company, the underwriters are flexible. This allows online lenders to approve low monthly car collateral loans to people who would be disqualified from getting a bank loan.
  • Short term loans regardless of credit score. A lot of people have opportunities denied them because they have a poor credit score. That doesn’t matter in a title loan. Since there’s collateral involved, there’s less risk to the lender. It also gives people with less than stellar credit the chance to secure a much-needed loan.
  • Low-interest rates. Local title lenders can offer lower interest rates than conventional lenders. Some even just place interest rates at five to six percent. That’s roughly the same interest that borrowers with high credit scores can get from banks.

Trusted Car Loan Expert | Car Equity Loans Burlington

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