Use Auto Title Loan Ajax Ontario for Surprise Home Repairs

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No matter what kind of home you have, it will need routine care and maintenance. These will help extend the life of your HVAC system and appliances. These can also help you save thousands of dollars on replacement and repair bills. 

But there are times you will need to do surprise home repairs. These include the usual suspects like plumbing, electrical, and water and termite damage. 

Another thing to take note of is that home systems and appliances don’t last forever. They can break down over time due to everyday wear and tear. When that happens, the cost of the repairs will be expensive.  

Keep in mind that home repair costs are rising at present. This is due to high demand, inflation, and labor and material shortages. 

Every homeowner knows that surprise home repairs can be stressful. This is more stressful for first-time homebuyers. In fact, a survey reveals that 44% experienced a home repair during their first year of ownership. 

Yes, traditional loans can help you cover the expenses for home repairs. But the thing is, lenders may hesitate to grant you a short-term loan or line of credit. This is true if you have a bad credit score and need money quickly. 

With an auto title loan, you can get fast cash. And this is even with minimal verification and no credit checks. 

Do You Need an Auto Title Loan for Home Repairs?

When you have the title to a vehicle, you have an asset with value. This means you have something that you can borrow against. An auto title loan Ajax Ontario is a short-period loan. It usually takes 30 days or less. This type of loan makes you use your car as collateral. It’s like a car collateral loan

An auto title loan is usually designed for people to use for car-related expenses. These include car repairs, maintenance, or buying a new vehicle. But some lenders do allow people to use the funds for other purposes. And this includes surprise home repairs. 

Yes, using a car title loan for home repairs is not the most common practice. But this doesn’t mean it is not possible to use it for such a situation. Before using the loan for home repairs, it is best to check with your lender first. You see, there are some lenders who may allow this. But there are also other lenders that may not. 

As such, make sure to check if they allow using the auto title loan for home repairs. If not, you don’t need to worry. They might suggest other options that better fit your needs. 

Choosing the Right One For You

In an auto title loan, you need to hand over your car as collateral. You have to hand over the title until you finish repaying your loan. Take note that the amount lent depends on the value of your vehicle. It also depends on the equity of your car. 

With an auto title loan, you get instant funding without the hassle of paperwork. You also don’t have to worry about pending approvals and denial of your loan request form. 

Indeed, an auto title loan is an ideal alternative to traditional loans. But you still need to approach the decision with care. This is to ensure that it’s the right one for you. Here are the things you need to consider in your decision-making: 

  • It’s better to apply online to save time and money. 
  • Make sure to choose an auto title loan without any early repayment penalties. 
  • You should keep your loan outstanding for the shortest time possible. This way, you can avoid paying more each month. 
  • Make sure you still get to keep driving your car. This is while your lender has the title of your vehicle. 
  • Make sure you find out what kinds of cars your lender accepts. Take note that some lenders might have mileage restrictions. 

Looking for the Best Auto Title Loan Company in Canada

An auto title loan is a good option for people with low credit ratings. This is especially true if you have trouble securing money right away. After all, your vehicle becomes the collateral. This means, your credit score is not as important in your application. 

Keep in mind that car repossession is not guaranteed. Moreover, if you are unable to pay the lump sum at the end of the loan term. The good thing is some lenders can roll your current loan into a new short-term loan. But you should take care of this. That’s because they might add fees and interest onto the next loan. 

If you want to get the loan in less than an hour, you should consider Canada Car Cash. Once you visit the store, the loan process will only take about an hour. Moreover, you can continue to use your car and leave the store with the money you need. 

Canada Car Cash offers competitive car services while providing a superior loan experience. The company believes in being upfront and honest about their fees. You can rest assured that they manage the debt well. They also decrease with every payment you do. 

Moreover, the company has trained representatives. These specialists already issued hundreds of auto title loans across Canada. Canada Car Cash aims to help its customers. They are flexible with repayment and willing to work alongside their clients.

You can fill out the confidential online application form if you want to apply. You can also choose to give them a call for your application. They will conduct a quick appraisal to determine the loan amount. This is usually based on the value of your car and your financial needs. 

After that, you will bring your car, registration, and insurance to their office. Make sure to also bring your provincial driver’s license. Their loan agent will help you out. They will write up the paperwork and you will provide the signature. Then, the money you loan is now yours. 

At Canada Car Cash, you can borrow up to $100,000 using the auto title loan. 

Whether you need an auto title loan for surprise home repairs, we can work with your budget. Don’t let the financial hurdles coming your way hold you back. Apply for a fast cash title loan from Canada Car Cash by calling at 1-844-598-7631. You can also contact us via email at