3 Misconceptions About Challenged Credit Auto Loans Halifax Nova Scotia You Should Not Believe

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Millions of people have used challenged credit auto loans Halifax Nova Scotia when they need money to deal with an emergency or some sudden expense. These online loans have become popular due to their convenience. However, many are still wary of applying for one largely due to the misconceptions surrounding the loan. Here are three that are simply untrue:

Top Misconceptions About Auto Title Loans

  • The Application Process is Complex: It’s actually easy to qualify and apply for a poor credit car loan. You can apply online or by going to the lender’s office. Companies only have minimal requirements, like a valid ID, the car’s title, and proof of residence and income. 
  • It’s an Expensive Endeavor: Many believe that getting a title loan will cost more in the long run. But interest rates for it are actually lower than what’s given for credit cards. Monthly payments are also very affordable, with some starting at just $45. 
  • You Need Excellent Credit to Apply: Unlike banks that require a credit score of 700 or better, you can apply for this loan even if you have a low credit rating or no credit history. But you’ll be required to put up collateral, and its value will cover the loan.

Get You More Money Than the Competition

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