What Determines Amount I Can Borrow If I Get Fast Cash for My Car Prince George British Columbia?

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April 12, 2021
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How can I get fast cash for my car Prince George British Columbia? That’s one question that many car owners want to be answered. While applying for a title loan is easy, there’s no guarantee you’ll get approved. The loan amount you might need isn’t necessarily the one you’ll get since it depends on several factors. The lender might give you $5,000 or more than $25,000.

3 Factors Affecting Auto Title Loan Amount

  • Borrower’s Location: Where you live will determine the amount you’ll get and how much you’ll be paying every month. While some states allow this kind of lending service, others have banned title loans. There are also areas that have placed a cap on loan amounts and interest rates.
  • Collateral’s Equity: Bad credit loans revolve around the car’s value. Lenders require an inspection of the vehicle to assess it and their findings will determine how much they can loan you. Details like mileage, model, condition of the engine, and other components will be considered. Some even look at any after-sales accessories added to the car.
  • State of the Title: This secured loan also requires that the car’s title is clean. Any questions about ownership might lead to your application being rejected. However, many lenders are willing to give concessions under certain conditions. 

Same Day Cash

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